Refer a friend and earn rewards

You can now be a part of GO GREEN movement, earn rewards by way of referral fees. You can refer solar power to your friends, others known to you, tell them as foreword that minimum 25% savings would be guaranteed by us and pay back time on investment would be 6.5 years for residential consumers , 4.5 years for commercial consumers. Please get us an appointment with them, we will do the talking, explain them on COST -BENEFITS of investing in solar power.

Regarding referral fee, we assure you that it may range from Rs 2000/- to 21,000/- , for solar plants of 1 to 10KW capacity. Higher referral fees will be paid for solar installations of higher capacity. Should you require more information on referral fee, let us fix up time for a detailed discussion or you could call us on 9940107419.

Let us work together, spread the message.