Is solar affordable

There are a very few solar panel manufacturers in India who make their own solar cells. Most of them import, as the cost of manufacturing solar cells is very high. The cost will drop only when panels are made in large numbers. The numbers will increase only when there is need for alternate source of energy. The need for alternate source of energy will be felt, felt strongly, when the cost per unit of power from renewable sources is cheaper than power from conventional sources.

The price per unit of solar power is now cheaper than the price per unit of power from diesel generator or other conventional sources. The problem seems to be the upfront payment required for solar power installation.

Is it a luxury to have solar system ?! Well it is not a luxury compared to buying a second car or a fancy motor byke. if you are constructing an individual house, suggest you go for solar system in addition to normal electricity. Now a days, banks include cost of solar system in the housing loan. Solar system can be used for lighting-up common areas in apartments.

The solar system istalled at schools,colleges and offices, work even on weekends and holidays. The power thus generated on holidays is exported to the grid. Credits are given for the amount of power thus exported to the grid.

There are power cuts in villages during day time. Solar power will be a best alternative for operating agricultural water pumps during day time.

You need to asses if solar power can be of use to you and it fits your pocket.  We assist you doing it free of cost.