Be a owner of power

People in Germany install solar power plants on roof tops, which not only supply power for their own needs, but supply power to the general pool of electricity namely Grid.  In other words, people are not only producing  power at home , but selling it to the government. It is important to note that Germany is not bestowed with bright, long sunshine days like India. India has abundant sunlight through out the year.

Belive in your own power

The solar plants are installed by private firms in USA. The end users pay only for the number of units consumed by them. The firms which install solar power plants get their money back in the form of monthly bills paid by the end users.

The cost per one unit of conventional electricity in India is over Rs 19, which is highly subsidised for end users . The cost of conventional energy is compelling reason for various sate governments in India to increase the electricity charges every year.  It is now an established fact in many countries around the world that solar energy is cheaper than conventional energy.

The government in India is encouraging private firms to invest in solar power plants, buying power from them by way Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for a period 25 years. With the introduction of net meters, the solar power produced on the roof tops of houses can be similarly sold to the grid for a price.

You become owner of the power thus produced in the space belonging to you. You have the right to use it , lease or sell it to others.


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“Be a owner of Power”