How to choose components

There are a number of manufacturers in the market, each claiming to be the best,  giving the same warranty and promising same out put . Not all components of solar system are made by the same manufacturer. We need to have an idea how to measure the real worth of the components used in the solar system.

Panels – The panel manufacturers are of three catogeries. Following factors should be taken into account while choosing a maufacturer.

  1. The solar cells are made, tested by the manufacturer, not by a third party.
  2. The solar cells are put together in a weather proof aluminium frame, covered with quality glass.
  3. Top quality silicon sealant used along the borders of the panel avoiding seapage of rain water.
  4. The efficiency of solar cells are tested by the manufacturer.
  5. The manufacturer has R & D facility.
  6. The manufacturer has long standing track record.
  7. The manufacturer has strong financial back ground, will remain in business till the end of warranty period.
  8. Auxilliary parts like MC4 connecters are given free along with panel.
  9. Voltage meters given complimentary.
  10. the solar panel should have IEC 61215 certification.
  11. The manufacturer has a local representation.

Most of the solar panel manufacturers in India make panels by  assembling solar cells imported from China,Taiwan and Europe.

Inverter – The component that normally fails in solar sytem is inverter. Following factors should be taken into account while choosing a manufacturer.

  1. The out-put voltage or capacity of the inverter should be higher than the estimated total out-put of solar panels.
  2. The company has local representation, providing on-site maintenance service.
  3. The manufacturer provides warranty for a period of five years.
  4. The manufacturer has a good track record.

Mounting structure – The mounting structure  should be cost effective , yet long lasting.  The mounting structure made of galvanised metal is ideal for coastal area. Manufacturers provide warranty of 10 years.